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12:55 AM

The maintenance of the Ceramics

It did not need the specifics maintenance for the ceramics that was installed in your house. Really it was cleared and clean periodically, for example max onces a day, with the floor cleaner that was dissolved in clean water. When being affected by the liquid stain, immediately cleaned in a period less than 24 hours. When being allowed to reside, the liquid stain will be difficult to be cleaned because of penetrating to ceramic pores. If the waste was rather difficult to be cleaned, you could clean it with brush. The quite strong ceramics kept the hand friction without being scratched and damaging its appearances.

It is not suggested cleaning the ceramics with the floor cleaning material porstex, because could erode the nat or even caused the ceramics to be free from the layer of his fastener. Especially the ceramics homogeneous glaze could be carried out with in-polish, whereas the glazur could be lost.
When it broken, crack, and heavy material that couldn't be clean, the ceramics must be replaced with new one with the same type and the same size. If that was broken one, it was enough to substitute for one piece. Before take apart, the lever and the layer of the filler nat previously around the ceramics that was broken with the knife or the other pointed implement sharply in a careful manner. For the slice diagonal (pulled from respectively the corner) in the surface of the ceramics with the sharp knife (cutter). Afterwards with the big nail or the other pointed implement sharp, knocked on surfaces in the middle in the meeting of two slices diagonal slowly until the crack ceramics/broke out. Further the ceramic lever with the chisel until being free from the layer of it fastener. Clean the former layer of the fastener, gravel, et cetera with the appropriate implement. Apply the mixture or the layer of the new fastener and the pair of the replacement ceramics.

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1:53 PM

To Set up the Ceramics for the House

Beautified the house by installing the ceramics to all of the floor has become the requirement for beauty of the house that was desired. The ceramics in a heterogenous manner the colour, the material and the measurement became the quite interesting variation when his fitting was carried out exactly.

A little mistake in the fitting could reduce the appearance of the floor and the house as a whole. It is important for beauty of the house ceramics definitely is the maintenance. The maintenance of the ceramics by being arranged and using the exact material will give comfort, the freshness, clean and healthy that was important for the owner of the house. Before ordered the ceramics, visited and tried to compare first several ceramic shops while looking around its catalogue. This was needed as the good price's reference and the compatibility between the ceramics that was available and the stocks. Therefore when coming again you have had the shadow concerning the ceramics that will be chosen. When choosing to record the name of the producer, the name of the collection, the quality, the measurement code and the variant of the colour of the ceramics that was chosen, because the ceramics that was installed must be homogeneous. This was also important to facilitate you in the future ordered repeated.
For the rests and reserve, increase the order up to 5-10 percents of the requirement ceramics that needed, and anticipated the ceramics was thrown away because of damage or the fitting mistake. Moreover, in the ceramic fitting in a diagonal manner, the ceramics that was thrown away would more. Moreover was the possibility of a type time of the ceramics that was bought already was not marketed again.

The attachment of the Ceramics
When was installed the ceramics, casted the concrete that will be covered must be cooked first for one month to give the contraction opportunity. After dry the surface of the concrete was cleansed of dust, oil, the paint, oil, et cetera. The cleaning better with water (waterjet) because with the broom not more maximal. Following just the concrete was given screed (the layer of the foundation with the level surface). Screed was made from the cement mixture and sand with the comparison 1:4 or 1:5 and was applied with a thickness of 3 – 5 cm. The layer was allowed 3 - 7 days and was closed with plastic or plywood so that was avoided from the waste. The ceramic fitting above screed could be carried out with the layer of the fastener (tile bed) took the form of the cement mixture and sand, with the composition 1:4 for the floor ceramics and 1:2 for the wall ceramics. Cement and sand were mixt in the dry situation until his colour was homogeneous just was given water and was stirred until level. But, that was ideal tile bed used the special material (special adhesive) the ceramic fastener because stronger his bunch power and smaller his contraction. The material that often has been sold in the market was kept being mixt with water and being applied in accordance with the guidance.
For the surface of the foundation that berkadar high water, before being installed by the ceramics better be given by the waterproof layer previously under the layer of the fastener, in order to prevents water rising to the surface that could make the ceramics free or broke. The fitting was in outside space made with the slope 1-2 percent to avoid the pool of water. Before being installed by the ceramics was soaked in water for 2-4 hours to minimise the absorbency of his water after being installed, and his underside was cleaned. The layer screed also was wetted to minimise the contraction of the surface. When being installed by the ceramics was pressed and knocked on slow with the rubber hammer so that level. To produce the level fitting and precision with nat neat, could be used separator from the range of the thread et cetera. The fitting must be carried out under the adequate illumination, and better was begun from the middle (centre the area) headed towards all the banks to get wide the ceramics that was same to the perimeter of the area. After three hours, ceramic were installed, just his surface was cleaned with the wet sponge to eliminate mixture or the substance adhesive that was left. After that let the ceramics stabilised minimal 24 hours before moving to the filling stage nat (space antarkeramik) or grouting. Grouting was done with the special material the filler nat used rubber float through to nat was filled up was full, solid, and level. Did don't let was nat that was empty because of being filled up by the waste that reduced beauty of the ceramics, or made the association antarkeramik not stronger. So did grouting in accordance with the guidance. The distance nat should not be too narrow. For the floor 3-4 mm and the wall 1-2 mm. Nat that was too narrow made the fitting be seen not all that precision because of the effective measurement of each sliver of the ceramics usually precisely not be the same. With nat that was thin, the bunch power antarkeramik also not stronger. On the other hand with nat that was wide enough to have breathing space for the ceramics when the expansion happening.
So strive for chose the filler nat that was strong, kept against detergent, and well-off mengakomodasi the expansion of the ceramics. The remnants grouting immediately must be cleaned with the wet sponge or the towel and was wiped again with that was dry. During minimal three first days after being installed, the surface of the ceramics was closed with plywood or plastic and might not be stepped on or collided. So the ceramic fitting better be carried out in the last stage.

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11:48 AM

Diet and Lower Cholesterol with Putsa Apples

Did you ever hear the name of this Putsa or Pussa? Putsa apples or Pussa or Jujube or Ziziphus Mauritiana. This one apples kind is not often sold by the trader in Jakarta, in fact it is still difficult to be gotten it in the Supermarket even. The form, the measurement and its colour like a green apples or young tomatoes that still were green. The measurement is not bigger than apples generally.

With good growth condition, apples putsa could achieve the measurement of the fist of a child. Its meat like normal apples with the refined texture and contained more water (approached the content of water in Peer fruit). It seems sweet and refreshing but few contents of sugar. The low level of the content of sugar in apples putsa was believed could reduce the weight especially for the diet period and unloaded the level of cholesterol. Were you interested trying it?

Because it was not yet cultivated, to get these apples putsa needed a little “effort”, at least for the moment that you must dismiss few powers more and began from looking for these prospective apples. This crop not the original Indonesian crop so it was not trade by all fruit traders of the crop seed. Reportedly this apples kind came from India and was cultivated in the several country, including the neighbouring country like Thailand and Taiwan. Although it is not the original Indonesian crop, apples putsa could grow with fertilizer in this country about the height 20 metre till 2000 metre on sea level. The tree of this could achieve the height more than 2 (two) metre so as necessary cutting in order to have the dense branch and be easy in carrying out the maintenance in harvest time.
Its maintenance was easy, only needed enaough water and a little fertilising when being buried in the pot with the intensity of the sunlight. The climate of the Indian country that almost was the same as Indonesia caused this crop really was easy to adapt.

Fertilising could use manure or fertiliser that often was marketed by the origin contained the element N,P, K and nutrition for the development of the crop. The putsa apples tree is one of the strong crop, but in the enlargement period from the blossoming period until the enlargement period and the harvest must be guarded against by the fruit fly pest. The fruit fly really liked the refined texture to the contents this as in the case of in jambu air. After be aged 4 -6 months, putsa tree usually could have been enjoyed forever. The ripe fruit was dark green or green yellowish. When you the person who did not like to maintain the crop but want to enjoyed putsa apples and you were lucky, you ould find these apples in the trader with the revolving price between Rp20.000-25.000 per kilogram.

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10:57 PM

Menurunkan Berat Badan dan Kolesterol dengan Apel Putsa

pakah anda pernah mendengar nama buah ini? Apel Putsa atau Pussa atau Jujube atau Ziziphus Mauritiana. Jenis apel yang satu ini belum banyak dijual oleh pedagang buah di Jakarta, bahkan masih sulit didapat di Supermarket sekalipun.
Namun bagi Anda yang memiliki lahan berlebih sebagai pekarangan rumah, membudidayakan tanaman ini di rumah, di pot maupun di pekarangan sangat bisa dilakukan. Disamping dapat menciptakan rasa sejuk dan nyaman bagi rumah Anda, tanaman apel putsa dapat memberikan tambahan variasi buah-buahan segar disaat sedang bersantai di rumah.

Bentuk, ukuran dan warnanya sekilas seperti buah apel malang hijau atau buah tomat muda yang masih hijau. Ukuran buah tidak lebih besar daripada apel pada umumnya. Dengan pertumbuhan yang baik, buah apel putsa ini dapat mencapai ukuran kepalan tangan balita.Isi atau daging buahnya seperti apel biasa dengan tekstur halus dan mengandung lebih banyak air (mendekati kandungan air pada buah Peer). Rasanya manis dan menyegarkan namun sedikit kandungan gula. Rendahnya kandungan gula pada buah apel putsa ini dipercaya berkasiat dapat menurunkan berat badan khususnya selama masa diet dan menurunkan kadar kolesterol. Apakah anda tertarik untuk mencobanya?

Karena belum banyak dibudidayakan, untuk mendapatkan apel putsa ini perlu sedikit “upaya”, setidaknya untuk saat ini anda perlu mengeluarkan sedikit tenaga lebih dan memulainya dari mencari bibit apel ini. Tanaman ini bukan tanaman asli Indonesia sehingga tidak semua pedagang bibit tanaman buah menjualnya. Kabarnya jenis apel ini berasal dari India dan telah dibudidayakan dibeberapa negara, termasuk negara tetangga jauh seperti Thailand dan Taiwan.

Walaupun bukan tanaman asli Indonesia, apel putsa dapat tumbuh subur di negara ini pada ketinggian 200 meter hingga 2000 meter diatas permukaan laut. Pohon buah ini dapat mencapai ketinggian lebih dari 2 (dua) meter sehingga perlu pemangkasan agar memiliki cabang yang rimbun dan mudah dalam melakukan perawatan atau masa panen.

Penanaman dapat dilakukan dipekarangan rumah - sisa lahan, atau ditanam didalam pot. Agar tanaman ini tidak mengganggu keindahan rumah, penanaman di dalam pot lebih di anjurkan karena bila ditanam diatas tanah pekarangan rumah, pertumbuhan apel putsa sangat cepat sehingga dapat menimbulkan sampah dari dedaunan yang gugur. Keuntungan lain menanam apel putsa di dalam pot adalah kemudahan memindahkan tanaman ini ke tempat-tempat yang kita inginkan sesuai dengan dekorasi rumah.

Perawatannya mudah, hanya membutuhkan air yang cukup dan sedikit pemupukan bila ditanam dalam pot dengan intensitas cahaya matahari yang cukup pula. Iklim negara India yang hampir sama dengan Indonesia menyebabkan tanaman ini cukup mudah beradaptasi. Pemupukan dapat menggunakan pupuk kandang atau pupuk yang banyak dipasarkan asal mengandung unsur N,P, K dan nutrisi untuk perkembangan tanaman.
Pohon apel putsa termasuk tanaman kuat, namun dalam masa pembesaran buah dari masa berbunga, putik sampai masa pembesaran dan panen harus diwaspadai hama lalat buah. Lalat buah sangat menyukai tekstur halus pada isi buah ini seperti halnya pada buah jambu air.

Setelah berumur 4 -6 bulan, buah putsa biasanya sudah dapat dinikmati sepanjang masa karena jenis ini termasuk yang rajin berbuah. Buah yang matang berwarna hijau tua atau hijau kekuningan.
Bila anda termasuk orang yang tidak suka memelihara tanaman akan tetapi ingin menikmati buah apel putsa dan anda sedang beruntung, dapat menemukan buah apel ini di pedagang buah dengan harga berkisar antara Rp20.000-25.000 per kilogram.

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4:11 PM

The Harmonious House

The Dream Home
e often hear of "the ideal home", and what is the definition of the ideal home? Is it the view of the house? Is it the wide of home area? Is it the model or the furnitures that we take in there? Or even literally describes the harmonization of the owner who live in that house?

Of course so many questions we have to discuss about, but the answers of all questions are depending on the perception of each.

When the house as the ideal form of each perception, the ideal home would have the form of a beautiful, fresh, wide, well-balanced and healthy.
Most and often we have feelings that are not satisfied with the condition of the house at this time we have. We often think about there are so many insufficiencies. Because of some reasonable argumentations, we continue to make renovations many times and always waste money gone. Ultimately, our savings gone out, also in debt. So even though we feel not enough.

In fact from the beginning, early planning is necessary for us. Starting from the needs of their own house, budget, and profit or loss in choosing the location where the house was founded. Many housing beginning early-period promotional offer facilities and quality. Time like this we should be more careful on the "lips services" that can be disappointing us.

House with Minimalistic Concept

Some time ago the concept of a minimalist house trends to be quite busy discussed by prospective home owners. With the pattern and form lines for the entire parts, building with a minimalist seemed futuristic and modern.
Not only the form of a linear design for the exteriors, with all furnitures that complements the rooms in the house filled with, made it be compatible.

Because of the home building (exteriors) and the interior furnishings, modern view and impression in minimalist home is often associated with the futuristic model does not appear fresh and natural. However, by adding a touch of nature and natural, not on the shape and pattern of building a house, the naturalistic of a house with minimalist consept can be met by adding an "accessories", such as trees and plants, or in accordance with the elements of nature such as the small pond of water that give some nice sound “ gemericik” as we calls . Use of natural stone materials can also be a choice that minimalist home seemed natural and soothing. Even with only by take a place with two or some natural stone can cause a natural effect.

The plants that are Soothing and Useful
With the natural elements, beside to increase environment healthy in addition to its beautiful of minimalist home, many benefits that we can enjoy. Tree crops are planted in the house besides of its functioning as a fence oxygen, can also be taken advantage of the results or fruit plants.

Some types of trees and plants that can be used as a reference to beautify and add a beautiful minimalist house with a little use of “imagination” so that we will have a minimalist home charm and comfort of living.

The plants for the home front yard that you can select one or more of the following plant species such as pine trees, palm tree species, and the types of bamboos. You can also take place a fruit trees such as star fruit, mango tree, the tree crown of the gods, and so forth. Please consider, the characteristics of each fruit tree leaves are thick and easy fall so that more effort in the clean your front yard should be required.

The plants for the back yard and the home side yard could consider some type of fruit trees and spice plants or you can take place the plants as “bumbu dapur” as well as pharmacies make it a useful for our life. Among the plants that can be planted beside the other types of tree fruit trees such as rough-skinned orange, lemon, mango kweni, murbei, jarak tree and others, types of plants such as turmeric, ginger, lengkuas, aloe vera, temulawak, temukunci, chillies or tomatoes and more.
For minimalist home page with the planting of land is limited, you can also use flowerpot – take place the plants in flowerpot. Flowerpots which containing the plant is placed in the room that had been determined lay out its so can still provide enough space for this plant.

Flowerpot plant for pendopo, terrace or Carport can usually choose trees interest trunked large as a mini palm tree, the suplir, “paku-pakuan” trees, adhenium, anthurium and others. Flowers such as flower “dahlia”, rose, jasmine, orchid flower, sunflower and others.
Flowerpot the we take place in the room for the house, we can choose a tree or flowers among the trees of different types of bonsai plants, Aglonema, Euphorbia, pachypodium and philodendrum. And the other type of flower, such as those mentioned above.
To maintain the crops can grow beautiful and your house become a beautiful minimalist, cool and comfortable place to take care of adequately, offcourse you have to treat the plants. How to maintain with some treatments for ypur plants, it will be presented in the next article itself.

Natural sound of water flows
To increase the effect of fresh and natural home for the minimalist, ornaments can be added to the water fountain or small pond in the vicinity of the building houses. The election of the water fountains ornaments or water falls can be adjusted to your like and dislike, as well as the location and the material is selected. The natural stones material are more beautiful and soothing.
When you have more money, you can also place a small pond that later inhabited by beautiful or colourful fish, such as koi fish, gold fish, indigo, and so forth. To add the reference about the ornamental fish and fresh water fish, especially koi fish, you can visit in the Community and Hobbist of Koi Fish
Hopefully useful.

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3:58 PM

Interiors : Choosing Cleaner To Protect Your Wood Furnitures

In your local market there are so many polishes and waxes available to choose from. Whether you are trying to care for a dining room table or an other furnitures, you are confronted with so many choices it may be difficult to come to a decision.
Every product claims that they protect your wood better than the other product. In reality, most of them only could remove dust, but they could’nt do much as we hope.

Polish versus Wax - Cleaner
A polish or a wax may provide a certain amount of protection against scratches and scrapes to your furniture, however they really don't give you any lasting protection like a quality wood finish would. They really don't improve the durability of an old finish or revive it, either. In fact, the only real difference between a polish and a wax is that polish will leave a thin liquid film on the surface when you wipe down your wood, and wax will leave a thin film of solid wax on the surface. The liquid will eventually evaporate, while the wax will not.
Wax has been used since the very beginning of written history on wood items that needed to be protected, both as a finish on bare wood and to protect a finish that has been applied to wood. Wax is solid at room temperature, but a solvent can be mixed in to help the wax dissolve and create a softer product that is easier to apply to your wood. The solvent will evaporate out eventually, leaving a nice solid layer of wax on the surface.
Some people prefer to use mineral spirits as a solvent with their wax, but be sure you read the instructions on the wax you've chosen first. Some say you need to use turpentine or toluene instead. Turpentine will add a smell to the wax that you may find irritating, and using toluene can be tricky because it evaporates very quickly. Solvents will affect your drying time, so if you need a longer drying time, mineral spirits may be the solvent you should choose. If you want it to dry quickly, opt for the toluene.

Polishes, on the other hand, are very different from waxes. They are a liquid that may include a very small quantity of oil or wax. Polishes usually completely evaporate over a period of time, so in the long run it is less protective than wax. You can divide polish into two different categories depending on which solvents they use in their formula.
First, you will find petroleum-based solvents. Petroleum or oil-based solvents evaporate much more slowly and are similar to mineral spirits. The other type of solvent used in polish is an emulsion of water and oil-based solvents.
This type is excellent for cleaning, since the water will remove water-soluble dirt, while the oil removes oil-soluble dirt. In the end, you'll need to choose the kind of polish that suits the job you want it to do.

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1:29 PM

Selatpanjang Kota Sagu

Papaku dan Temannya dari Kota Selatpanjang

Dering hp papaku berbunyi disaat dia berjalan menuju tempat parkir kendaraan di kantornya. Diujung telepon papaku seolah sangat mengenal suara itu dan mengingatkan papaku akan kampung halamannya.

" Halo Sap, Ape cite?... Aku Heri ... ( Papaku pun bisa menebak ini seperti suara Heri Taba teman lamanya....).

Halloooo baaang ape citeeee...? papaku langsung memotong pembicaraan.....

Setelah bercakap-cakap ngalor dan ngidul, kesimpulannya si Om Heri akan ke Jakarta dalam rangka mengikuti Seminar Haki tanggal 13 sampai 15 November 2008. Rencananya dia menginap dan betul-betul menginap di Hotel Ibis Tamarin di jalan KH Wahid Hasyim, itu loh yang deketan juga dengan Jl Thamrin, HI dan seputaran Sarinah.

Wow Kereeen....Heri Taba ternyata sekarang sudah jadi seorang Pengusaha. Syukurlah... :) kata papaku :)

Heri adalah salah satu kawan papaku yang asal Selatpanjang, Riau. Mengingatkannya akan kawan sepermainannya yang lain sebut saja om Saleh Rambe, Hengky, Yanto Tamil (yang kini menjadi adik ipar dari kakak tertuanya), Andi, Khaidir (almarhum - meninggal diusia remaja), Keyi, Sam, Pui serta Jang dan Jup Jamal (almarhum - meninggal diusia muda), Arif, Fuad ( yang kini jadi ustad - Alhamdulillah).
Kawan-kawan papaku yang lain yang lebih senior bin tua seperti Serun, Buter, Ishak, Col dan Bang Heri ( Penjaga papaku - Pesan dari nenekku kepadanya waktu papaku baru pindah ke Jalan Gelora dan umur papa baru 4 tahun. Seingat papaku begini kalimatnya " Heri...Tolonglah mike jage si Sap ye...." begitu kata nenek Selatpanjang :)

Semenjak lahir hingga kelas 1 SMA, papaku menghabiskan waktunya di kota Selatpanjang.
Cerita papa bahwa Banyak pengalaman dan kisah yang bila saat ini dikenangnya... sangat membahagiakan.
Ingin rasanya papaku kembali kemasa-masa itu, tapi IMPOSSIBLE dehhhh!
Satu semester di SMA N 1 Selatpanjang, papaku pindah ke sebuah sekolah di Kota Pekanbaru, ikut dengan kakak perempuannya. Papa diterima di SMA N 2 Pekanbaru, dijalan Budi Utomo. Disini ceritanya dia bertemu dengan budak Selatpanjang juga, yang kedua orang tuanya - nenekku- saling mengenal. Namanya tante Eva Murlian ( sekarang dia dah hebat di Jakarta, jadi Akuntan Publik sekaligus dosen ...sekali lagi Alhamdulillah :))

Papaku bekerja di sebuah BUMN yang bergerak di bidang jasa. Sebelum tugas di Jakarta, dia sempat ditugaskan di Jayapura, Papua selama kurang lebih 3 tahun. Aku pun lahir di Jayapura. Soal pekerjaan, papaku biasa-biasa saja. " Secara gua, belum menampakkan karir yang bagus". Begitu kata papaku.... Hehehehe

Back to the storynya papaku.... Kota Selatpanjang masih selalu menjadi kenangan yang indah. Sekali-sekali papaku masih menyempatkan diri untuk ngebrousing di Google, biasalah cari-cari info lagi tentang perkembangan kota Selatpanjang akhir-akhir ini. Dengar-dengar kata papaku ada rencana pemekaran wilayah dengan nama Meranti, yang nantinya menjadi sebuah Kabupaten. Meranti adalah singkatan dari Merbau, Rangsang dan Tebingtinggi.
Demikianlah dinamika selalu menginginkan perubahan. Diharapkan setiap perubahan haruslah ke arah yang lebih baik.... betul tidak? Wallahualam.

Selatpanjang juga dikenal dengan sebutan Kota Sagu, karena di pulau ini banyak pohon-pohon sagu dan tentu saja banyak pabrik-pabrik sagu. Produk diferensial dari sagu Selatpanjang adalah mi sagu, mi sohon dan sagu rendang.
Bicara masalah makanan, papaku suka jadi teringat masakan nenekku, seperti Gulai asam pedas ikan ajah ( mungkin karena ikannya besar seperti gajah :)), pindang ikan TERUBUK dan gulai jering bin jengkol heuheuheu. Papaku masih penasaran dengan ikan terubuk yang rasanya sangat-sangat gurih. Dia juga masih suka mencari tau nama lain ikan ini terutama kalau kami berbelanja di Supermarket....selalu papaku ke tempat ikan segar. Kata papa kalau ingat kata kakekku,... ikan terubuk hanya bisa ditangkap pada waktu-waktu tertentu dan ikan ini ada legendanya.... Ada yang tau??? hayoo ngacung :)

Kalo soal legenda ini papaku bercerita.....
Konon cerita dahulu ada seorang Sultan atau Raja asal Johor yang tidak diakui oleh keluarganya kemudian dengan perasaan "mengkal" namun masih "kalis" pergi menyendiri dan berdiam di sebuah pulau dekat Selat Malaka. Lalu nama pulau ini sekarang menjadi "Bengkalis". Yang namanya raja atau sultan, pasti memiliki "kesaktian". Konon lagi ceritanya, disaat raja ini mencuci kaki di laut, berdatanganlah ikan-ikan terubuk mencium kakinya. Julukan raja ini adalah Raja Terubuk. Ingat juga kan cerita legenda kisah cinta yang tak kesampaian antara Raja Terubuk dan Putri Pepuyu? Mohon maaf beribu-ribu maaf dan mohon diluruskan bila cerita legendanya sepotong-sepotong atau salah dan keliru....

Keunikan ikan terubuk dalam kehidupannya mengalami perubahan kelamin selama usianya yang rata-rata selama 18 bulan sampai 2 tahun. Menurut info para ahli yang menyelidiki ikan ini, ditahun pertama ikan terubuk berkembang sebagai ikan jantan, lalu seiring waktu berubah menjadi ikan betina. Subhannallah! Sayangnya ikan ini menuju kepunahannya, jangan sampai deh.....

Waduh....jadi ngalor ngidul nih ceritanya...padahal judulnya " Selatpanjang Kota Sagu", kog jadi kemana-mana siii...

Ya gitu deeeh.... namanya juga papaku.....suka panjaaaaang kalo bercerita tentang masa lalunya :))

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